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Organisations in the field of Three Rs

Swiss 3Rs Foundation

According to the network's website, their goal is to promote the exchange and compilation of 3R-relevant unique expertise (which is widely scattered in various teams and labs) and to disseminate the accumulated knowledge, know-how and expertise, in particular to newcomers in the field.


Centro 3R Responsible animal testing

Centro 3R Responsible animal testing: Centro 3R set up in Italy. The Universities of Genoa and Pisa have recently set up in Italy Centro 3R-Interuniversitary Center for the Promotion of the Principles of the 3Rs in Teaching and Research, a new initiative on the Italian academic scenario which aims at starting a process for raising awareness of students, researchers and teachers of responsible experimentation and alternative methods to animal testing.


3Hs Housing Handling Habituation

The 3Hs initiative focuses on housing, handling, and habituation of laboratory rodents with methods which increase their positive affective experiences and reduce cumulative suffering.​  This initiative was established to support the refinement of research involving laboratory rodents. The framework not only considers methods which can reduce negative experiences but also methods which can enhance their positive affective experiences.


Responsible Research in Practice

Responsible Research in Practice is a UK registered learning provider.

Responsible Research in Practice hold FREE monthly live webinar series, provide bespoke in-house training courses and workshops all with CPD. The website hosts many recorded webinars that are free and pm-demand.

They work with a range of academic, commercial and other life science research sector organisations based around the world. They are open to collaborate with individuals and organisations with whom they have a shared interest so please do reach out to contact us if this is of interest.




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