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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


Guidance on Applying for PIL

To apply for a Personal Licence within the University of Cambridge you must undertake Home Office PIL Courses according to the type of licence you will be applying for. The UBS Training Centre provides these courses and information on them.

Once you have completed your Home Office PIL Course you need to contact and provide them with a copy of your certificate of completion from your HO PIL course and a completed copy of the PIL Reg form which the Training Centre will supply you with.. When UBS HO Licencing has received the required information the applicant will be sent further application guidance.

All forms can be found here; 

Forms Page

What to do when you leave employment with University of Cambridge

When you plan to leave University of Cambridge it is important that you take action regarding your Personal Licence.

You have the following options;

1; If you no longer have a use for your licence you must revoke it. To do this please complete the 'Application to revoke personal licence' Form below and sent it to 

2; You can apply to move your licence away from University of Cambridge to your new establishment. This process can only be started by your new establishment but you must inform us of the intended changes by completing the 'Application to move Personal Licence away from University of Cambridge' form and send it to 

PIL Compliance- Stop! Do you have a Personal Licence?

Licence Stop Poster

Animal Welfare

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