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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


Nominated Assessors Course

This online course focusses on training staff who are to begin assessing others using a DOPS system. This course includes all aspects of assessing including legal and compliance, planning for assessment including, where, when and how to approach an assessment. Other areas include important factors to look for during an assessment, how to engage with a trainee to assess their knowledge, using DOPs paperwork correctly and the importance of feedback and comments given to a trainee.

Within the course there are:

  • Self-lead online learning to complete
  • Online group exercises
  • Training videos
  • Live online sessions surrounding areas such as, experienced staff and approaching their assessments, stepping in and stopping an assessment on welfare grounds and feeding back to a trainee not reaching competency.
  • DOPs form writing for the species and/or area you work in.

Access to course material will be given for up to 1 week with Zoom meetings arranged for the following week (all times to be confirmed at booking) within the course attendees will be required to complete online course material including DOPs form writing and exercises to discuss within the group meetings.

Due to current limitations the practical aspect of this course will be completed in the attendees’ own facility, being overseen by an experienced assessor from their team. Where this is not possible online sessions will be arranged with an experienced assessor to oversee assessments being conducted and offer feedback and support.


The full cost of this course is £198

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