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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


IAT accredited introductory course for NACWOs


Although designed as an introduction to the NACWO role, this interactive course can also be effective as a refresher course for those individuals who have been in the role some time and require targeted CPD for their development.


The online learning spans 2 days (delivered non-sequentially to allow for reading and self-assessment quizzes) and provides up-to-date information on the requirements of the role, giving a solid foundation for the NACWO role.


Areas covered by the course include legislation, ethical issues, project licence review and the NACWO contribution to AWERB, roles of the other Named Persons – including expectations and interactions, animal welfare assessment and monitoring, study plans, record keeping and dealing with confrontational situations.


People currently in named roles will discuss what NACWOs can anticipate in terms of support from other named persons. They will consider their responsibilities under ASPA and ways to manage them.


The course will use a combination of pre-course material and online quizzes, online live sessions allowing group work, problem solving exercises and discussion to deliver the material. The exam consisting of multiple choice, missing words and longer answer questions will be held on day 5 to assess learning.


The full cost of this course is £320 including completion certificate.

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