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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


Train the Trainer Course

This online course focusses on training technicians who are new to the training aspect of their roles. To begin training a technique can be a difficult and stressful situation to new trainer, and all trainers need to receive some training to give them the skills and knowledge on how best to approach it. This course will give them the foundations of running a practical, on the job training session effectively. Areas we cover include:

  • Organising and planning a session
  • Training aids and their benefits
  • Previous experience and how this may affect training
  • Running a session at the right pitch for a trainee
  • How to offer constructive feedback and encouragement, a trainers attitude
  • Controlling the session, learning theory and practical training sessions.

As part of this course we look at barriers that may arise during training and how changing your teaching style to suit others can help facilitate effective training and learning. Documenting of training and lesson plans also forms part of the course covering the benefits of both. Due to current limitations there will be some scenario based sessions to consider training and how to best approach a situation that may arise. These sessions also provide an opportunity to offer constructive, helpful feedback to others which is an important part of training on a whole. These sessions also form assessment for completing the course along with creating a lesson plan.

Access to course material will be given for 1 week with live sessions held in the second week (all times to be confirmed at booking), within the week attendees will be required to complete online course material including lesson plans and exercises to discuss within the group meetings. 


The full cost of this course is £168.

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