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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


The UBS Training Centre is accredited to provide Institute of Animal Technology (IAT) diplomas in Laboratory Animal Husbandry and Laboratory Animal Science and Technology.

The Level 2 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Husbandry acts as an introduction to animal technology, looking at husbandry, health, nutrition, breeding and, of course, legislation and ethics. The Diploma in Laboratory Animal Husbandry provides an ‘exit point’ for students who struggle with the science presented at this level, so that they can still achieve a qualification.

The Level 2 Diploma in Laboratory Animal Science and Technology covers the same subjects as the Diploma in Laboratory Animal Husbandry, but also includes ‘background’ subjects (biological science, numeracy, and communication). These units help develop an understanding of the science behind the other areas studied. The Diploma in Animal Science and Technology must be completed to be able to continue with further, higher level, study.

Exemption from background subjects may be granted, depending on the student’s previous education and results obtained. This means they will not have to be covered again by them to complete the Diploma in Animal Science and Technology.

We also provide the Level 3 Diploma in Animal Science and Technology. The level 3 diploma builds on the areas covered in Level 2, allowing the student to develop a deeper understanding, and so be able to apply their knowledge and problem solve when faced with situations in the workplace.

Subjects covered include scientific procedures, management of breeding colonies and a more in depth look at ethics and legislation.

All courses are delivered through either blended learning which is a mixture of online learning and regular zoom seminars, or online-only where the student works at their own pace online and doesn't have a set timetable.


IAT Guide for Learners

IAT Course poster

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