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Collaborative Approach to Metanalysis

CAMARADES provides a supporting framework for groups involved in the systematic review and meta-analysis of data.

Topic: Reduction

PREPARE (Planning Research and Experimental Procedures on Animals: Recommendations for Excellence)
Topic: Reduction

Systematic Review Facility

SyRF is a fully integrated online platform for performing systematic reviews of preclinical studies.

Topic: Reduction

The Design of Animal Experiments

"The Design of Animal Experiments" is intended for all research scientists who use laboratory animals, with the aim of helping them to design their own experiments more effectively.

Topic: Reduction

Isogenic Strains

Isogenic strains (inbred strains and F1 hybrids) are like immortal clones of genetically identical individuals. The same genotype can be reproduced indefinitely. They have already made a substantial contribution to biomedical research. 

Topic: Reduction

Reducing Mouse Numbers by Measuring Tumour Size Non-Invasively

Scientists at the ICR are increasingly using non-invasive methods to measure the size of tumours in mice – allowing the same mouse to be assessed several times and reducing the overall numbers

Topic: Reduction

SABRE Research UK

Systematic reviews: Evidence from animal research is considered by researchers to be of the lowest quality in medical research.

Topic: Reduction

Ex Vivo Culture Platform for Assessment of Cartilage Repair Treatment Strategies

There is a great need for valuable ex vivo models that allow for assessment of cartilage repair strategies to reduce the high number of animal experiments.

Topic: Reduction

New Tools for The Generation of peptide- and Antibody-Based Ligands in Vitro: Reduction of Antibody Production in Experimental Animals
Topic: Reduction

Animal Tissue Database

Designed to facilitate sharing-SEARCH and SEARCHBreast provide scientists with choices when determining the most robust and relevant models to use when studying human disease.

Topic: Reduction

RSPCA-Research Integrity

‘Research integrity’ is an overarching term relating to the standards to which research is done. It requires every individual to acknowledge their responsibilities as well as being accountable for adhering to legal and ethical principles. 

Topic: Reduction

Simian Laboratory Europe (Silabe)

Silabe offers a large range of NonHuman Primate bioproducts to academic research institutes and companies in the field of Science and Health.

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