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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


Welfare funding


We are the main funder of 3Rs research in the UK with over £45 million committed since 2004. We have a range of schemes to support projects, infrastructure, and training and career development. The science we fund delivers 3Rs benefits in addition to providing knowledge which helps to improve understanding of human diseases, develop efficacious and safe medicines, and protect the environment.



BBSRC provide a range of funding opportunities to enable individuals and groups to pursue world-class bioscience research.


UFAW Grants and Awards

Among UFAW’s top priorities is the promotion and support of high quality science that will lead to substantial advances in animal welfare, and the promotion of education in animal welfare – particularly at university and college level.



Canadian Grants and Funding for the Replacement Reduction and Refinement of Animal use in Research

Teaching and testing currently available to Canadians. Please check individual websites for funding dealines.


CAAT Grants

Although relatively small individually, these grants offer critical seed money that allows researchers to demonstrate the value of a particular area of study so they can gain support from the NIH and other sources. We have a stringent, peer-reviewed process for selecting the recipients of these grants. This process consists of sending each application to at least four experts in the field from academic, industrial, and government institutions. 


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