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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


Nominated Assessors Course

This day and half’s course focusses on training staff who are to begin assessing others using a DOPs system. This course includes all aspects of assessing including the legal and compliance aspect for ensuring competency of staff; the correct way to approach assessing including planning, where, when and how an assessor should approach an assessment, important factors to look for during an assessment and how to engage with a trainee to assess their knowledge, using DOPs paperwork correctly and the importance of and impact of feedback and comments given to a trainee. Throughout the course there are practical sessions, group exercises, training videos, and discussions surrounding areas such as, experienced staff and approaching their assessments, stepping in and stopping an assessment on welfare grounds and feeding back to a trainee not reaching competency. Course attendees are also given the opportunity to write a DOPs form for the species and/or area they work in. With guidance and assistance this forms the first part of their assessment for completing the course. We also hold practical sessions for attendees to conduct some assessments alongside the support of our experienced assessors. The second and final part for course completion includes returning for a pre-arranged time slot and completing 3 mock assessments ran in the training centre with an experienced assessor overseeing the assessments and assessing them to the standards set out in the DOP form attached.


Participants are also given access to the central DOPs folder for the University of Cambridge (which has recently been shared with LASA) which also contains some helpful guides including guidance on how to write a DOPs form and some example questions to use in assessments. They are also given access to examples of completed forms for all competency levels including help with phrasing comments and displaying them in a professional manner. During the course they will also have a chance to complete a DOPs form for a typical husbandry technique using a training video. Here they will be asked to frame their comments and feedback correctly. They will also have an opportunity to practise this aspect in the practical sessions in the afternoon giving them plenty of opportunities to practice with an experienced assessor to offer help and support.


The full cost of this course is £195

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