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Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (CNL) at The German Primate Center (DPZ)
Topic: Non-Human Primate

NC3Rs Chronic Implants Wiki

Welcome to this NC3Rs wiki on refinement of the use of chronic implants in neuroscience research using NHPs.

Here you can read, post and edit practical information on the design, implantation and maintenance of headposts, recording chambers and other implants. The wiki also includes information on non-invasive approaches to head restraint.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

Primate Cognition Leibniz-ScienceCampus
Topic: Non-Human Primate

Primate Systems Neuroscience
Topic: Non-Human Primate

The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Other Rodents

A volume in American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine.

Topic: Hamster, Rabbit, Guinea Pig

Primates in Neuroscience Ethics
Topic: Non-Human Primate

NC3Rs Guinea Pig Resource
Topic: Guinea Pig

NC3Rs Non-Human Primate Welfare
Topic: Non-Human Primate

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