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The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Other Rodents

A volume in American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine.

Topic: Hamster, Rabbit, Guinea Pig

Primates in Neuroscience Ethics
Topic: Non-Human Primate

NC3Rs Guinea Pig Resource
Topic: Guinea Pig

NC3Rs Non-Human Primate Welfare
Topic: Non-Human Primate

First Ever Survey of Approaches to Monkey Chair Restraint

In a transatlantic collaboration, scientists from the NC3Rs and the Yerkes National Primate Research Center at Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia have conducted the first ever survey of the approaches used for training monkeys for chair restraint.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

EU PrimNet Project
Topic: Non-Human Primate

The Macaque Care Website

A free resource for everyone who works with, or is interested in, laboratory macaques.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

Virtual Tour-German Primate Centre
Topic: Non-Human Primate

Marmoset Care

An interactive site with information on common marmoset behaviour and how best to provide care in captivity, with over 100 videos – for private owners, educators, zoo and laboratory professionals.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

MRC Center for Macaque Welfare

The Centre for Macaques works to develop best practice in animal welfare, to promote physical and mental well-being of the macaques within the Centre and to share these practices with the wider primate care community.

Topic: Non-Human Primate


Silabe offers a large range of Non-Human Primate bioproducts to academic research institutes and companies in the field of Science and Health.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

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