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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


Service and Support Staff Development Course

This course is suitable for service technicians and support staff working within animal facilities, especially those striving for career progression.

Content includes:

  • the importance of the role
  • why maintaining barriers is essential
  • disinfection and sterilisation
  • ethics of working within the animal research industry

Information is provided by:

  • self-lead online learning
  • training videos
  • Zoom or in person sessions with opportunity for discussion
  • scenario-based workshops
  • knowledge and idea sharing

The full cost of this course is £128.10 (£125.54 for University of Cambridge staff).


Cancellation fees

 Cancellation fee if cancelled within 2 weeks prior to the application deadline

 25% of course fee 

 Cancellation fee if cancelled within 1 week prior to the application deadline

 50% of course fee

 Cancellation fee if cancelled after the application deadline

 Full course fee 

Service & Support Development Course Poster

Service Tech and Supprt Staff Course Application Form

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