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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


PIL course exams are used to assess whether applicants have a satisfactory understanding of the course content. These take the form of multiple choice questions and are normally held within the same week as the course. The timing of the assessment of animal handling and skills will take place on Tuesday afternoons if you are completing the assessment with UBS.  Otherwise you should arrange a mutually convenient time with the animal facility you will be working in.

The PPL course is assessed by a series of short answer questions covering ethics, experimental design and Project Licence management. This assessment is completed at home / work and should be returned to UBS within 2 weeks.

The Training Centre obtains a certificate of successful completion of the course from the Universities Accreditation Group for those who have satisfactorily completed the training and passed the multiple choice / short answer question assessment. This certificate must be submitted when applying for a Personal or Project Licence.