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da 18 Marzo 2024 - 09:00 a 19 Marzo 2024 - 18:00


Polo Le Benedettine, Pisa

The University of Pisa unit of Centro 3R is organizing a workshop involving national and international experts in neuroscience, biomedical engineeering, biotechnology, law and ethics of science, as part of the ALEF Project, which aims to encourage the development of new human-relevant models and institutional solutions to protect patients' interests and create new knowledge.

The objective of the workshop is to define strategies for scientific progress for global benefit, made possible by a constructive legal framework based on common ethical principles.

The workshop will be held at the Polo Le Benedettine in Pisa on 18 and 19 March 2024. Participation is free but limited to 50 people. To register for the event, use the form at this link (deadline 10 March 2024).


One Health based biomedical research: Definitions, Ethics, Law and Science | Centro3R

Monday, 18 March, 2024 - 09:00 to 18:00

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