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IMPROVE-ing Animal Welfare in Experimental Stroke Research

Over the last two years, representatives from the UK’s stroke research community have been working, in a collaboration led by the NC3Rs, to improve the welfare and increase the scientific value of rodent models of stroke. The findings from the collaboration - The IMPROVE Guidelines (Ischaemia Models: Procedural Refinements Of in Vivo Experiments)  have been published in the Journal of Cerebral Bloodflow and Metabolism.

Topic: Cardiology

Liverpool University Vetschool Cardiology Department
Topic: Cardiology

Penn Vet School Cardiology Research
Topic: Cardiology

Journal of Veterinary Cardiology
Topic: Cardiology

Animal Research in Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Paper and Pediatric Journal
Topic: Cardiology

JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions Open Access Journal
Topic: Cardiology

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The Web of Science®

The Web of Science® (formerly Web of Knowledge) is today's premier research platform, helping you quickly find, analyze, and share information in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. You get integrated access to high quality literature through a unified platform that links a wide variety of content with one seamless search.

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Go3R is a sematic search engine to avoid animal experiments.

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3R Guide-Norecopa

In collaboration with the Animal Welfare Information Center at the US Department of Agriculture in Beltsville, USA has produced a database which provides an overview of guidelines, databases, journals, email lists, regulations and policies which may help researchers to implement the 3Rs when planning research that may involve animals. The database is called 3R Guide.

The aim of 3R Guide is to provide a 'one-stop shop' for researchers who need to gain an overview of available 3R resources.

Topic: Search tools and databases

NORINA (A Norwegian Inventory of Alternatives)

NORINA is an English-language database containing information on over 3,500 audiovisual aids that may be used as alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in education and training, including dissection alternatives, at all levels from Junior School to University.  The information in the database has been collected from 1991 onwards.

Topic: Alternative methods, Search tools and databases

Classic Audiovisual Database-Norina

The Classic AVs database complements NORINA by providing information on audiovisual products produced some years ago, using technology which has been surpassed by modern digital techniques. We offer this collection for those who wish to continue to use classic technology.

Topic: Search tools and databases

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