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Implementation of analgesic refinement in rats used as models for arthritis and inflammatory pain
Topic: Refinement

Assessing the Health and Welfare of Laboratory Animals

The AHWLA website makes use of video material to better illustrate points referenced in its tutorials.

Topic: Refinement

Species specific resources- Canadian 3Rs microsite

Many of the resources cited on this microsite are specific to certain types of animals. To assist in finding these resources the Animal Index groups Three Rs resources by category and/or species of animal.

Topic: Refinement

Grimace Scales Research

Research by Dr Jeffrey Mogil and colleagues, McGill University, has demonstrated that changes in facial expression provide a reliable and rapid means of assessing pain in mice, rabbits and rats.

Topic: Refinement

A Refined Approach to Producing Polyclonal Antibodies in Chickens – Completely Replacing All Invasive Elements by Combining Immunizations with Routine Aerosol-based Vaccinations
Topic: Refinement

3Rs Swiss Foundation

The aim of the 3R Foundation is to promote alternative research methods to animal experimentation through grants for research projects as well as to implement and promote the 3R principles.

Topic: Refinement

Recognition and Prevention of Pain EU module 5 Newcastle University
Topic: Refinement

LAS Training e-learning

The website LAS interactive (LAS = Laboratory Animal Science) contains a wide range of information on animals in research and on scientific methods in animal experiments.

Topic: Refinement

IMPROVE-ing animal welfare in experimental stroke research-The findings from the collaboration

The IMPROVE Guidelines (Ischaemia Models: Procedural Refinements Of in Vivo Experiments) - have been published in the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism

Topic: Refinement

Maximising the 3Rs Impact of NC3Rs-Funded Research

This gateway provides a place for researchers funded by the NC3Rs to promote the 3Rs impact of their work, and publish rapidly, in an open and transparent manner.

Topic: Refinement

Pain and Laboratory Animals: Publication Practices for Better Data Reproducibility and Better Animal Welfare
Topic: Refinement

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Foundation for Liver Research UK

The Foundation for Liver Research UK was established in 1974 to develop and extend research into diseases of the human liver and to enhance medical research generally.

Topic: Liver

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