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Cellular Mechanisms of Sensory Processing
Topic: Neurology

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen

The Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (BCCN) Goettingen aims at finding the cooperative dynamics and adaptivity in neuronal systems.

Topic: Neurology


MouseAGE is opening a call for European researchers to establish their infrastructure needs in the area of ageing and age-related disorders at the preclinical stage with a view to coordinate efforts for applications for funding.

Topic: Aged

Primate Systems Neuroscience
Topic: Neurology

IMPROVE-Stroke Research

Over the last two years, representatives from the UK’s stroke research community have been working, in a collaboration led by the NC3Rs, to improve the welfare and increase the scientific value of rodent models of stroke.

Topic: Neurology

Non-Invasive Electrical Monitoring of The Population Spiking Activity in The Central Nervous System
Topic: Neurology

New Device for Refined Neural Recording in Mice

Research published in Scientific Reports describes a new ultra lightweight system for recording neural activity in the brains of mice.

Topic: Neurology

Parkinson Foundation
Topic: Neurology

American Academy of Neurology
Topic: Neurology

Center for Neuroscience(US)

The Center for NeuroScience will offer annual pilot/seed grants for investigators in neuroscience.

Topic: Neurology

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