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Zebrafish International Resource Center
Topic: Fish

Guidance for Procedures Involving Fish
Topic: Fish

Zebrafish Related Biological Data

ZebrafishMine is a tool to help you customize searches of Zebrafish related biological data including genes, proteins, fish, and reagents

Topic: Fish

RSPCA- Housing and Care of Aquatic Species
Topic: Fish

Zebrafish Genome Project

The Sanger Institute started the zebrafish genome sequencing project in 2001 and has generated several genome assemblies of the Tuebingen strain. After the release of Zv9, the zebrafish genome project joined the Genome Reference Consortium (GRC) for further improvement and ongoing maintenance. The GRC has now released a new reference assembly, GRCz11.

Topic: Fish

Fish Arthritis Research

According to a new study in eLife, arthritis is much more widespread in the animal kingdom than previously suspected.

Topic: Fish

NC3Rs- Quantifying the Potential of Skin Swabbing as a Refinement for DNA Sampling of Laboratory Fish

The recent development of skin swabbing techniques - which produce sufficient DNA for PCR amplification - potentially offers a refined procedure with enormous impact for fish welfare.

Topic: Fish

RSPCA- Guidance on the Housing and Care of Zebrafish
Topic: Fish

Evaluating and Optimizing Fish Health and Welfare During Experimental Procedures  
Topic: Fish

The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, and Other Rodents

A volume in American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine.

Topic: Hamster, Rabbit, Guinea Pig

Standardized Welfare Terms for the Zebrafish Community
Topic: Fish

Norecopa- Rabbit Handling and Procedures
Topic: Rabbit

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