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Pancreatic Expression Database

The Pancreatic Expression Database is a major component of the EU project MolDiag-Paca, whose mission is to bring together leading groups in European pancreatic cancer research from academia and industry to develop novel molecular diagnostic tools.

Topic: Cancer

Cambridge Immunology Network

The Cambridge Immunology Network is designed to showcase and enhance the University of Cambridge's position as a leading international centre for research and teaching in immunology

Topic: Immunology

Cancer Immunology Research Open Access Peer Reviewed Journal
Topic: Cancer

American Association for Cancer Research Meeting Abstracts
Topic: Cancer

Towards Better Brain Cancer Treatment With Novel In Vitro Models and Fewer Animal Experiments
Topic: Cancer

Bowel Cancer Research
Topic: Cancer

Reducing Mouse Numbers by Measuring Tumour Size Non-Invasively

Scientists at the ICR are increasingly using non-invasive methods to measure the size of tumours in mice – allowing the same mouse to be assessed several times and reducing the overall numbers.

Topic: Cancer

Bowel Cancer UK
Topic: Cancer

Breast Cancer-SEARCHBreast

SEARCHBreast is a resource to facilitate sharing of archived material derived from in vivo breast cancer models.

Topic: Cancer

World Cancer Research Fund International-Continuous Update Project (CUP)

On this page you will find analysis of global research on preventing cancer. We analyse this research so you have access to the best cancer prevention advice in the world.

Topic: Cancer

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