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NC3Rs-New Device for Refined Neural Recording in Mice Could Transform Dementia Research

Research published in Scientific Reports describes a new ultra lightweight system for recording neural activity in the brains of mice.

Topic: Aged

Jax phenotype-Longevity
Topic: Aged


MouseAGE is opening a call for European researchers to establish their infrastructure needs in the area of ageing and age-related disorders at the preclinical stage with a view to coordinate efforts for applications for funding.

Topic: Aged

Species specific

Virtual Tour-German Primate Centre
Topic: Non-Human Primate

Marmoset Care

An interactive site with information on common marmoset behaviour and how best to provide care in captivity, with over 100 videos – for private owners, educators, zoo and laboratory professionals.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

MRC Center for Macaque Welfare

The Centre for Macaques works to develop best practice in animal welfare, to promote physical and mental well-being of the macaques within the Centre and to share these practices with the wider primate care community.

Topic: Non-Human Primate


Silabe offers a large range of Non-Human Primate bioproducts to academic research institutes and companies in the field of Science and Health.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

Primate Blood Serum

BioChemed offers blood, plasma, serum, body fluids, and tissues from a wide variety of non-human primates.

Topic: Non-Human Primate

Non-Human Primate In Research-FRAME
Topic: Non-Human Primate

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