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The 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animals in the Life Sciences (WC10)

Proceeding can be downloaded from the 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animals in the Life Sciences- held 20th-24th August 2017

Topic: Replacement

Advancing scientific research and education with peer-reviewed video on human stem cells differentiation
Topic: Replacement

Medical Advances Without Animals Trust (MAWA)

MAWA's aim is to advance medical science to improve human health and therapeutic outcomes without using animals or animal products.

Topic: Replacement

Using 3D Cell Models to Screen Out Ineffective Agents Before Animal Studies

Scientists at the ICR are growing spheres of cancer cells in the laboratory which are designed to mimic the properties of solid tumours.

Topic: Replacement

Plan to Replace Animal Use Shared at Public Forum

Representatives of federal agencies invited the public to the annual meeting, held at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.

Topic: Replacement

International Cooperation on Alternative Test Methods (ICATM)

To establish international cooperation in the critical areas of validation studies, independent peer review, and development of harmonized recommendations in order to ensure worldwide acceptance.

Topic: Replacement

Netherlands National Committee for The Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (NCad)

World leader in innovations without laboratory animals by 2025. That is the aim of the Dutch Minister for Agriculture, Martijn van Dam. In March 2016, the Minister asked the Netherlands National Committee for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes (NCad) to draw up a schedule for the phasing out of animal procedures.

Topic: Replacement

The PETA International Science Consortium Ltd (PISC)

The PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. promotes non-animal research methods and coordinates the scientific and regulatory expertise of its members. With an eye toward championing the best non-animal methods and replacing tests on animals, the Science Consortium brings scientific expertise and extensive knowledge of the international regulatory environment to the development of testing protocols.

Topic: Replacement


Kirkstall are a biotechnology company specialising in products and services supporting in-vitro cell culture research and the development of routine in vitro testing.

Topic: Replacement

Database on Alternatives on The Internet -ZEBET

The ZEBET database is mainly designed to support the examination of the imperative nature of animal experiments by providing information on possible alternative methods. 

Topic: Replacement

The EURL ECVAM DataBase Service on ALternative Methods (DB-ALM)

The DB-ALM is a public, factual database service that provides evaluated information on development and applications of advanced and alternative methods to animal experimentation in biomedical sciences and toxicology, both in research and for regulatory purposes.

Topic: Replacement

EURL ECVAM QSAR Model Inventory of the Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC)

In the regulatory assessment of chemicals (e.g. under REACH), (Q)SAR models are playing an increasingly important role in predicting properties for hazard and risk assessment.

Topic: Replacement

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