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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


How do I apply for the course?

  • To apply for the course please complete the Home Office PIL Course Application Form (PIL Course) and email it to There is a box on the form for a purchase order number. Until we receive this number, you will not be registered for the course. 

How much does the course cost?

Does the course cost include VAT?

  • All of our training courses are exempt from VAT.

How do I pay for the course?

  • We ask for a departmental purchase order to secure your place on the course. We then use this to raise an invoice for your training. Invoices can be paid by BACS or credit card. Alternatively, if you are paying for the course yourself, we can accept a bank transfer. 

How is the course structured?

  • You will be given access the course materials on the first Monday of the month you are registered for. You will need to work through the notes and exercises independently however, we are contactable if you have any questions.
  • Live sessions will be held via Zoom during the third week of the month.
  • A theory exams will take place at our training facility in Cambridge during the fourth week of the month. 
  • If you are taking Category A (or an additional species module) you are required to complete a practical handling assessment in your own facility.
  • If you are taking Category C you are required to complete a practical suturing assessment. This will take place at our training facility in Cambridge when you attend your exam. 

When do I receive the course completion certificate?

  • Your certificate will be ordered once you have successfully completed the exam. For those completing PIL Category A or an additional species course, we will also need your practical assessment form. This form is available to you once you are registered for the course. Once the certificate has been ordered, you will receive it by post within two weeks.

What happens if I fail?

  • If you fail you will need to take a re-sit exam for the individual modules failed. This can be arranged to take place in your own facility. If you fail for a second time, you will need to apply to complete the modules again. This will incur an additional fee. 

When can I start my experiments?

  • Your training certificate is not your personal licence. Your certificate will detail the modules and species you have passed. Once you have received this you can apply for your personal licence. Only when you have received confirmation from the Home Office that your licence has been granted, you can start your experiments.