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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


All new potential PPL applicants/holders should be aware there is a requirement for you to complete the relevant PIL course for the work you intend to perform in your project licence. This is only the case if you are not already a PIL holder.


PIL Course A


1. Legislation.

2. Ethics and animal welfare.

3. Biology and husbandry of relevant species.

4. Handling and restraint of relevant species.

5. Animal care and management.

6. Recognition of wellbeing, pain, suffering or distress in the relevant species.

7. Humane methods of killing appropriate to the relevant species (theory).

8. Experimental procedures (theory).

PLUS Local procedures


PIL Course AB


All the elements of PIL Course A, plus:

9. Anaesthesia for minor procedures.


PIL Course ABF


All the elements of PIL course AB, plus:

10. Advanced anaesthesia - for prolonged use NOT involving surgery.


PIL Course ABC


All the elements of PIL course ABF, plus:

11. Conduct of surgical procedures

  • Principles of surgery
  • Common surgical procedures
  • Post-surgical care and monitoring


PPL Course


1. Further ethics and animal welfare

2. Experimental design

  • Refinement
  • Reduction
  • Replacement

3. Project Licence completion

  • Plan of work
  • Good Laboratory practice
  • Appropriate laboratory methods
  • Selection of appropriate animal models
  • Appropriate statistical methods

4. Project Licence management

  • Responsibilities
  • Supervision of personnel and programme of work
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Annual return of procedures

5. Legal aspects - the European and - and wider international context