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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


The University is a large organisation and therefore has two Named Training and Competency Officers (NTCO), these are  Maggie Gentry and Pilar Brown, who are sufficiently senior to influence others, make decisions, and lead on training issues within the establishment.

The key ongoing role for the NTCO is in ensuring compliance with the standards set by the institution for supervision, competence and CPD for each of the functions of animal care staff, personal licence holders, project licence holders and Named Persons as laid out in European Directive 2010/63/EU (Article 23.2a-d and 24) and the ASPA (2C.5).

The NTCO is responsible for ensuring that all those dealing with animals are adequately educated, trained and supervised until they are competent and that they continue to undertake appropriate further training to maintain their expertise.

An NTCO may not be directly involved themselves in the provision or assessment of training or competency, these practical responsibilities may be delegated to experienced staff or Named Persons who are themselves competent to train (and/or assess) the necessary techniques.

They have a role in the ASPeL process for approving personal licence applications, verifying and confirming that the applicant’s training details are accurate and for signing off all PIL applications which are submitted in the system

Communication is an important part of the role, internally with the PELH (and required by Section 2C Establishment Licence condition 21) and other internal Named Persons. Also externally with other training organisations, licensed establishments, Home Office, and relevant external organisations.