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University Biomedical Services (UBS)


General Database Information

EU 3Rs databases

EU 3Rs databases-The protection and welfare of animals is an area covered by a wide range of EU legislation. This includes the protection of wildlife, zoo animals, farm animals, animals in transport and animals used for scientific purposes. Animal studies, whether for the development or production of new medicines, for physiological studies, for studying environmental effects or for the testing of chemicals or new food additives, has to be carried out in compliance with EU legislation. 

Topic: Search tools and databases

FLAIRE E-Learning

Interactive resources to support the training of laboratory animal research workers and to continue the professional development of others who work with laboratory animals.  

Topic: Teaching

NC3Rs Experimental Design Assistant

Welcome to the Experimental Design Assistant, a free resource from the NC3Rs to support researchers in the planning of animal experiments - ensuring robust study design and reliable and reproducible findings.

The EDA consists of a web application and a supporting website; benefits include:
•The ability to build a stepwise visual representation of your experiment
•Feedback and advice on your experimental plan 
•Dedicated support for randomisation, blinding and sample size calculation
•Practical information to improve knowledge of experimental design
•Improved transparency of your experimental design, allowing you to share and discuss your plan with colleagues and collaborators

Topic: Search tools and databases

3Rs Teaching and Training-Canadian
Topic: Teaching

UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre

 Find Human tissue samples online using the UKCRC Tissue Directory.

Topic: Search tools and databases

LAS Training E-Learning

LAS Interactive brings together the free information portal vtk online and the training portal las campus. The website adresses researchers, students, competent authorities, trainers as well as technical staff at Universities, independent research facilities and the industry.

Topic: Teaching

3Rs Searches and Microsite-Canadian

This section of the Three Rs microsite provides useful links and information to help visitors easily find a wide range of resources.

Topic: Search tools and databases

Canadian 3Rs Microsite-Species Specific Resources
Topic: Teaching


By generating and making public data that indicates how cells respond to various genetic and environmental stressors, the LINCS project will help us gain a more detailed understanding of cell pathways and aid efforts to develop therapies.

Topic: Search tools and databases

Rabbit Ear Training Device

The rabbit silicone ear is a new training device for practising blood sampling and intravenous injection techniques in rabbit ear veins and arteries.

Topic: Teaching

Zika Experimental Science Team (ZEST)

Welcome to the Zika experimental science team (ZEST) data portal. Given the urgency of the ongoing Zika virus epidemic, we are making our study results available in real-time. Each study and its available data are shown.

Topic: Search tools and databases

Rat Guide-Laypersons Site
Topic: Teaching

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